Lies from Valery Uvarov

How Valery Uvarov is decieving people from other countries
and his attempts to hide the truth about his real reputation in Russia

Wands of Horus deception

How the prices for the wands are overestimated two‑three times

If you compare the prices in rubles on the russian version of Uvarov's shop (linkwith the price in dollars on the english version of his website (linkusing the currency calculator Rubles-USD you will see that Valery Uvarov is selling the wands abroad two-three times more expensive than for russian customers. 

Prices for russia Prices for other countries
quartz crystal mono mono 6 quartz crystal en mono mono 6 en
mono 9 bja bja mono 9 bja en bja en

NB! (Update-2018). It can be difficult for you to switch on russian prices if you entered on his new website version, because after our publication he hid the buttons of russian pages from overseas buyers and opened russian version with low-cost prices for wands specially on different domain name. So if you enter from USA, Australia or Europe you can not find the option switching the page on russian language. Open the links above separately and expose this lie with your own eyes.

Are the "low-cost" «Wands of Horus» for Russia made from poor and cheap materials and the «Wands of Horus» for the rest world are made according the canon? Of course not. This is just another special lie from Valery Uvarov which russian people know in tons.

For example the pricing policy of the «Wands of Ra» trademark by Maat Foundation is different. The cost of manufacturing of the «Wands of Ra» is the same as the «Wands of Horus», but they add not more than 50% for their work and give equal price to all our customers. Besides, the wands by Maat Foundation are exposed in the pyramid near Saint-Petersburg that you can visit by yourself -

How Valery Uvarov is trying to hide the truth about his reputation

When this page appeared on the web "Dr." Uvarov began to write letters imploring to CLOSE THIS WEBSITE. It seems the communication with corrupt Russian groups does not pass in vain for him. "Do not let go! Close this website!" - can you imagine such things somewhere in your country?

Well, here are the screeshots of this letter and now we will examine in detail its translation. 

uvarov beget 01






#1 LIE for web hosting

On the website (the trademark Wands of Horus Belongs Uvarov VM) posted defamatory material about the author and researcher Valery Uvarov. In accordance with Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code on defamation in the media, I ask you to close this website. In late 2014, I already addressed to you such a request, and you satisfied it - thank you. However, after a year, Mikhail Eliseev again resumed his illegal practice. At this time, the cause of his behavior became my publication to Facebook, in which I warned all my subscribers about abuse by Mikhail Eliseev my copyrights, and most importantly, because of its incompetence, the possibility of harm to people.

Valery Uvarov


1. Сonsidering the number of the witnesses ready to confirm their statements in the court, the disproof of our statements can be possible just somewhere in the People's Assembly of Papua New Guinea, with their vision of the letter of law (which unites them with "Dr."Uvarov). It raises a big smile the deep knowledge of Valery Uvarov in the field of legislation. Because for complying with the law of the media, at first one have to be the media! However, what to expect from a man with three technical institute courses?

2. In late 2014, to which refers Valery Uvarov (and actually in early 2015) the site with this information was closed by Michael Eliseev for its own will. He was expressing the hope of improving the mental health of V.Uvarov and hope that he will return the stolen from M.Eliseev money. But judging by recent statements, unfortunately, it takes place quite the opposite.

3. About the legend of "harming people" you can read whole the Homepage of our site. Its standard Uvarov's "step" against all his competitors since 1999. The comment of Svetlana Gorbunova, ex-partner (the company director): "Actually he believes in his own authority too much and consider possible making diagnosis - "helpful" or "harmful" - by himself without any proof. This way the person really spreading slander is him."

4. One must be an inveterate "soviet" man to try crushing the freedom of speech in the 21st century, especially on the Internet, where the site can be conneted in 3 minutes to any server anywhere in the world, especially in the places where such "soviet" people will be sended at hell together with their "soviet" requirements. 


#2 LIE for subscribers in FACEBOOK

Interesting things happen... 18 FEB 2015 "Dr." Uvarov was saying that his website was hacked! And in the letter for webhosters he told that he know who is the author of our website... How is it? The bottom line is that he does not remember anymore to whom and when he is lying.

hacker attack

The close circle of friends know well that "Dr."Uvarov calls Americans and Europeans exclusively cattle and idiots, meanwhile selling them the wands for dollars and euros. Therefore, all his lies are mostly addressed to the western audience, which he considers fools. While in Russia ordinary people have long understood with whom they deal...


Ask yourself, why does Valery Uvarov not file a lawsuit in court?
The answer is simple: because everything that is said is an absolute truth!
But on your question about it, he will invent another 1000 false excuses...