The Wands of Horus & Pyramids by Valery Uvarov
The truth is out there...

This website was made by former partners and associates of so-called "ufologist and researcher" Valery Uvarov. The reason for its creation is the fact that Valery's reputation built on terrible lies gives him confidence in the impunity of his statements about the work of other Russian researchers. Thus he deceives people from other countries and here we are forced to say all the truth about this person.


We do not attack Uvarov first but respond to his attacks on us (spreading defamation on the Web against our job). And we give you the opportunity to understand what a vile person lies behind "sincere intentions" and the "struggle for morality".


If you consider yourself an intellectual but not a person for pulling the wool over your eyes please read this material carefully. Every fact of this investigation is based on evidence. In attempts to hide this information, Valery Uvarov lost three lawsuits against this website in 2018

(read the details at the bottom of the page). Thus all information contained here is confirmed by the court. If you want to just beLIEve his fake stories - do not read further.

Main investigation

First of all, let's pay attention to the image of Valery Uvarov acquired in his homeland.
These are reviews of his ex-colleagues from Russia over 1996-2001 years thanks to which he gained a lot

The investigation of Russian ufologist Boris Shurinov
Calling himself a Doctor in the face of western counterparts Valery Uvarov is silent that has finished only three courses of Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. He knows that abroad no one will check these facts, but the trust will grow. Sounding the Head of UFO investigation department of the National Security Academy he does not mention that the "so-called Academy" is only a Non-Governmental public organization, and such "serious" names can be stamped a lot.
  • Boris Shurinov, President of the ufological community:
    «The ufology requires protection against liars and debunkers, especially — within the ufological community. My goal will be to show the debunkers which are spoiling the image of Russian ufology in the world. Firstly, regarding the abbreviation "Dr. Valery Uvarov" is worth to say that this person has nothing to do with a Doctor status. With three years of study, he can speak only about «unfinished higher education», as we call it in Russian. Secondly, when you hear that he is "the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia" — please note that the "National Security Academy" is a public-service organization created by citizens!»
Cylinders of Pharaoh company story (the year 2001)
Valery Uvarov ascribes his product with the results of medical research carried out on our "Cylinders of Pharaoh" trademark. In the "Wands of Horus" book the "author" refers to the results of research which are completely rewritten from the book of researcher Vladimir Kovtun. But in 1993-1995 the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute made the investigation exactly on the "Cylinders of the Pharaoh".
On the first picture (pic.1) you can see the excerpt from the book by Valery Uvarov, where he argues that the study of the "Wands of Horus" influence was carried out at the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute. And the second image (pic.2) shows the official conclusion issued regarding the "Cylinders", but not for the "Wands".
  • Vladimir Kovtun, the "Cylinders of Pharaoh" manufacturer:
    «Everything that happened in almost 40 years of my research of the Cylinders I fix and partly laid out in my book "The Mystery of Cylinders of the Pharaoh" (two editions of 2003 and 2005). In particular, in the chapter called "Apophis", I have described my experience with dishonest people. There are all my impressions regarding communication with Valery Uvarov - alas deeply negative. We can see that he uses plagiarism even in such trifles as product decoration».
...Similar things are said by other Valery's partners —
those who worked with him after the 2000 year...


«The prominence of Valery is hard disputable and that's is the only deserved result of his exclusive talent — to trump up. The half-truths and lies have always been a base of his promotion methods. People familiar with Uvarov in Russia and people from abroad know two different persons. Valery has a rather dubious reputation in the widest circles of our Homeland, but in the West, he is known as "the largest expert on pyramids and monuments of ancientry". Obviously, pulling the wool over the eyes abroad is much easier and safer than at home. But carefully considering his activities, an intelligent man will understand that Valery Uvarov has nothing of his own...

1) He stole all the books allegedly written by him from other authors (read more in the "Anthology of Plagiarism" part).

2) Wands research is stolen by him from other developers. Ask Valery to show any research documents issued on his name and trademark? They all belong to other scientists!

3) The only thing that belongs to Valery Uvarov is slander against his competitors (often covered in crazy theories).

And after all this great "Portfolio" he allows himself to call everyone else "fakes"! Ok, this is done for covering the traces of his theft and deception of his former colleagues - the classical slander technique of unfair competition. But what copyrights is this person talking about? Copyrights on the compilation and plagiarism?

The problem is that English language proficiency gave him advantages over many Russian researchers, from which piece by piece he unscrewed ideas, knowledge, and research. Issuing abroad the achievements of others for his own became quite successful, while at home no one wants to deal with Valery Uvarov for a long time. For many years in Russia (and we were familiar almost 10 years before the joint work) I have not met a single man who speaks positively about Valery's person. In his relations with other people were always hidden mercenary intentions. And if the causes of distancing from him are different, they still boil down to Uvarov's dishonesty.

In the case of me, Valery defrauded and appropriated a large sum of money that I had lent him. After that, I left his project. Later with colleagues, we founded a new company for our own projects (including the Wands of Ra trademark establishment). And I was not surprised by the opportunity to experience the same dirt and slander which Valery's former partners tasted before me — propagation of websites with shameless lies about my company.

Valery Uvarov and Michael Eliseev

Valery Uvarov and Michael Eliseev, 2012

Proclaiming all competitive products to be dangerous is a beloved advertising tradition of Valery Uvarov. This unfair competition method is always served by him under the guise of concern for humanity. Besides such event turns into a good reason to remind people about himself and thereby repeat that only He knows how to make wands and build the pyramids correctly.

It is evidently for me that dialogue with a liar is useless. But we shall ask the following questions ourselves:

— Does he have the monopoly on pyramid shape?

— Does he have a monopoly on crystal technologies?

— Does he have the right to discredit other researchers and manufacturers?

For a normal person, the answer is no on all items. And the international community it would not be superfluous to be puzzled too. Before inviting Valery Uvarov to the conferences the organizers should study the writings of Valery Uvarov carefully. Because starting with little tricks once he turned into a pathological liar and his skills in fairy tales presentation began to border on madness. But when you give in to his false smile and openness you fall into the trap. He is a classic example of a hypocrite».

More detailed analysis and our position about the difference in wands price politics and black PR-campaigns by Valery Uvarov against our company we described here - production and unfair competition by Wands of Horus.

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Wands of Horus deception

How the prices for the wands are overestimated two‑three times

In 2015 Valery Uvarov wrote that the "Wands of Ra" by MAAT Foundation are cheaper than his "Wands of Horus" because of "poor cheap materials". Of course, this is a lie. First of all because in Russia he sells his wands at almost the same price as Maat Foundation, and abroad he sells them two-three times more expensive! To crank this scam idea Uvarov made few things:

1) If you try to compare the prices before 2019 in Russian rubles on the Russian version of Uvarov's shop with the price in USD dollars on the English version of his website using the currency calculator Rubles-USD you will discover that Valery Uvarov was selling the wands abroad two-three times more expensive than for Russian customers. Pay attention to line 2 and 3 of the price table №1. Screenshots as evidence are available. Until 2018 English and Russian versions of Uvarov's website were located on one single domain name. But after this exposing publication, he hid the buttons of Russian pages from overseas buyers and opened Russian version of his website with low-cost prices for "Wands of Horus" especially on the different domain name! Thus, it is impossible to notice the price difference without finding this information. Because if you browse his store from USA, Australia or Europe you can not find the option switching the page on Russian language and you will not be able to reveal the deception.

Price table №1:
wands of horus price
But neither slander nor this deception worked and when Valery Uvarov realized that he was losing marketing after our publication of these facts he made the next step.

2) In 2019 he divided the sets of "Wands of Horus" for foreign customers on "Basic" (without accessories) and "Full" (with accessories). The prices of his basic set became quite the same as the price of FULL SET of "Wands of Ra" by Maat Foundation (as it was always). Check the lines 1 and 4 of the price table №1.

It turns out that in 2015 his statement about the reason of "Wands of Ra" low cost as always was a LIE! Or maybe the "low-cost" «Wands of Horus» for Russia before 2015 were made from "poor and cheap materials" and for the rest world - according to the canon? Anyway now he inflates the price for Western buyers for different wands types adding in the full set the same accessories! Because for Russian customers the set on sale is only "Full" (with accessories). Sheer lies! Check the lines 5 and 6 of the price table №1.

Check it and compare yourself: Russian shop link | English shop link | Maat Foundation shop

The pricing policy of the «Wands of Ra» trademark by Maat Foundation is different. The cost of manufacturing of the «Wands of Ra» is the same as the «Wands of Horus», but we add not more than 50% for the work and give an equal price to all our customers for FULL SET. Besides, the wands by Maat Foundation are exposed in the pyramid near Saint-Petersburg that you can visit by yourself. And you will never enter the pyramids of Uvarov, because this is not his property.
  • Boris Kiselev, the owner of Saint-Petersburg pyramid,
    the headmaster and chief-operator of the pyramid, the sponsor of its construction,
    former partner of Valery Uvarov (2006-2009):
    «We were all the three friends. We continue to work with Novikov and Eliseev. But not with such person as Uvarov. I am not absolutely interested in any contact with him more...»
Boris Kiselev is a successful businessman who owned and operated by several companies. According to the SPARK ratings, its biggest asset - 33% in a company engaged in recyclables, with a turnover of 100 million rubles. In an interview with the main city newspaper "Business Saint-Petersburg" (dated February 9, 2017 - source link) he spoke about Valery Uvarov, which assigns the authorship of this pyramid to himself, quite unpleasantly. By the way, Boris Kiselev pointed out Oleg Novikov (another ex-partner of Valery Uvarov) as the main author of the first pyramid near Saint-Petersburg.
russian pyramids

Saint-Petersburg pyramid

  • Oleg Novikov, Pyramid Ideologist,

    former partner of Valery Uvarov (1988-2009):

    «Valery Uvarov is a good promoter. He is able to promote anything. But unfortunately, I can't say nothing more about him...»

These are private opinions of people who were partners of Valery Uvarov at different times,

his colleagues in Pyramids and "Wands of Horus" projects and friends in life.

Some of them have never been acquainted with each other.


In the next part let's pay attention to Valery Uvarov's works in terms

of uniqueness and аuthorship of his discoveries...


Anthology of plagiarism

The Wands of Horus book
Fundamental work of compilation drafting
When you hear from Valery Uvarov about "violation of his copyrights" and "many years of work and research",
you should pay attention to the sources of information used in his own "masterpieces"

Unfortunately, most of the consumers have a certain degree of laziness — they do not have a habit of being interested in the information sources mentioned in the References section of the reading matter. This circumstance is very beneficial for impostors and thievish "doctors".

Referring to the sources listed in this adjuncts the self-respecting authors keep the following rules:

а) using a conditional set of facts taken from someone else's publication;

b) reworking borrowed text in order to avoid direct plagiarism;

с) practicing the quotes of origin in the limits of decency.

But this is not about Valery Uvarov...

wands of horus book


Сasting your eyes on the page with references of "Wands of Horus" book (←click pic.3) you will find at the beginning of list the following entry — I. P. Shmelev, Arkhitektor Faraona, 1993. But what does it mean in English? As you can note Valery Uvarov gave only the phonetic transcription of the title from the Russian language, in order to formally comply with the law, but not to focus anyone on this line.

The translation of that book title is - "Pharaoh's architect" (pic.4). That book was written in 1993 by Russian architect Igor Shmelev — Laureate of the State Prize of Russian Federation (pic.5).

For deciphering of a unique ancient Egyptian secret writing encoded in the panels of the Tomb of Hesy-Ra, the author was awarded a degree. In his study Shmelev convincingly substantiates that the composition of the wooden panels (XXVII century BC) represent a complete system, setting out the norms of proportioning in the mode of the Golden section (pic.6). The compositions of the boards also depict measuring instruments, among which the "magic" wand is a unique measuring device.

Pic.4 - Pharaoh's architect book
Pic.5 - Architect Igor Shmelev
Pic.6 - Hesi-Ra panels analysis
Pic.7 - Wands of Horus logo
After the most superficial acquaintance with this scientific work, you will notice that an enormous part of Valery Uvarov's book "The Wands of Horus" was copied from the writings of Shmelev.

In the authentic source you unexpectedly manage to recognize the information about the harmonic resonance, "Ba" - "Ka" and other "great discoveries of scientist and researcher" Valery Uvarov. Furthermore... Even the cover of Shmelev's book served as a logotype for "Wands of Horus" (pic.7). This is a truly "fundamental work" of a serious scientist!

You can download the book of Igor Shmelev here - "The Pharaoh's architect" by I. P. Shmelev — 1993 (PDF)

Visual analisys
Comparing the "Wands of Horus" book by Valery Uvarov (2004)
and "Pharaoh's architect" by Igor Shmelev (1993)


Сlick to zoom

In general, after you read the original source book of this genius Russian scientist, you will understand that...

a) by subtracting the stolen from architect I.P.Shmelev part (about Hesi-Ra)
b) subtracting the links taken from the Internet and other authors (116 pages of "Appendixes")

...then the substantial part of the "masterpiece" by Valery Uvarov contains only:

1. Recommendations for the wands use, which all companies have
2. Few experiments data stolen from other manufacturers of the wands before the 2001 year (see the stories above)
3. And the decoration (logo) also stolen from the "Pharaoh's architect" book.

Well, excellent JOB, Valery! Let's make the pyramids great again!

Click here to check other research by Igor P. Shmelev. There you will find the information about the Harmonic resonance law, the "Anthropo-similarity" principle in construction, and other assigned by Valery Uvarov "super-innovation" sacred techniques, received according to him as a result of his "hardest work and long years of deepest research of ancient texts ...."

The Pharaoh's architect book

The Pharaoh's architect book

Phonetic analisys
  • A.L.Verlinsky, Doctor of Philology of St.Petersburg State University:
    «Honestly, this product (the "Wands of Horus" book) can hardly be called a book ... It cannot be regarded as an independent work, even a popular science one. It is rather an advertising booklet. Thoughts of the author are jumping from chapter to chapter, much is crammed outside logic. And of course, a huge percentage of text borrowed from other authors - books that you have shown me for the comparison.
    This is not classic plagiarism since the formality of references to the sources is respected. However, this is the purest example of compilation - the percentage of text written off does not allow to call it an author's work...»
Comparing the "Pyramids. The legacy of the Gods" book
by Valery Uvarov (2007,2013,2018)
and "Message from the past. Decoding of the Dendera Zodiac"
by Svetlana Pavlova (2001)
But the much more impressive volume of foreign discoveries and the text itself was rewritten from S. N. Pavlova (born in 1938) - an associate professor at the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, from where Uvarov was expelled from his third year. Her book "MESSAGE FROM THE PAST. Decoding of the Dendera Zodiac" of 2001 edition was published by him in his second "bestseller" - the book "Pyramids. The legacy of the Gods" (2007, 2008, 2013, 2018) almost completely!

You can download this book here - Pavlova_S_V_Poslanie_iz_proshlogo_2001.pdf
But so far only in Russian. Soon we will organize the translation of this paramount work of real science into English. At least, for now, you can compare the illustrations.
The Pharaoh's architect book

Svetlana Pavlova

All these Russian scientists are deeply elderly, their works were not published in a large number of copies and translated from Russian into other languages. This fact is very beneficial for thievish "doctors".

The "stolen" pyramid

near St.Petersburg

The thirteen meters pyramid near Saint-Petersburg was made according to the project of Oleg Novikov (another ex-partner of Valery Uvarov) and financed by businessman Boris Kiselev in 2007. Currently, this pyramid is working the third 4-years cycle and is the most powerful one on the planet.
The cost of its construction at the time of 2007 was 1 million dollars. Valery Uvarov participated in the development of this complex as a consultant but did not invest a penny in it. At the same time, he successfully exposed in this pyramid his products - the Wands of Horus and cooper-zinc insoles, meanwhile giving interviews.
Since 2009 Mr. Uvarov doesn't have access to that complex because of his regular lies (listen to the audio below). Nevertheless, he still assigns the authorship to himself and makes PR on stolen photos on his websites as a "first pyramid builder of Russia". But anyone of you can visit this pyramid and meet the people that were involved in this project talking with them personally.
valery uvarov oleg novikov
New lies from Valery Uvarov-2017

Discrediting other's pyramid

After the visitors of Saint-Petersburg pyramid began to give positive feedback about its influence and the project participants started to spread new research, medical evidence and clinical analyzes of visitors — Valery Uvarov became obsessed. He could not accept the fact that someone other has the full set of systems and devices, providing productive work and developing pyramid research. His mental illness was aggravated by the fact that he didn't have his own pyramid - all that was built belongs to customers. However, in his methods of unfair competition, nothing has changed for several years. And in 2017 he squeezed out a new fairy tale as usually based on his beloved black PR technology — planting fear in people who are interested in products and services of others.

This time Uvarov proclaimed that Saint-Petersburg pyramid can bring harm to people because there is an error of 4 cm (!!!). Thus, on the one hand, he attributes the authorship of this pyramid to himself, and on the other — says that this project is built with flaws. It turns out that he no longer had any other moves in order to discredit his competitors, and was forced to disgrace himself. But no! To justify this inconsistency another trick was invented! Thus according to Uvarov's words, there was no fault of his own in the pyramid "error of 4 cm" — the mistake occurred by the fault of Boris Kiselev, who badly controlled construction process with a ruler!
What a sophisticated fable!

— But why Valery Uvarov say all this only ten years after St.Petersburg pyramid was finished?
— Where did he expose his "Wands of Horus" before he was banished from this project?

— And if he never kept his wands in this pyramid, then it turns out that before 2009 he was selling inadequate "Wands of Horus"?

This is the style of a notorious liar. But he did not stop there. In addition, he invented a tale about his personal trips to this pyramid in common with people suffering from cancer (and many other terrible diseases). And again according to him, this aftermath can bring harm to other people. But if you ask Valery about the names of these persons you will hear a large pause or any other tale, because that cases never existed. As it is signed on the website (in "contraindications for visiting") people with cancer are not accepted for healing sessions (because in case of this disease one can get a boost, instead of backup). Anyway, for energetic security of the pyramid structure, a cleaning system is provided - the big bell and Earth energy flows, that subtract everything, including germs.
valery uvarov pyramids

Getting into the taste Mr.Uvarov proclaimed during one of the conferences that he personally presented to Boris Kiselev 960 000 of USA dollars for construction of this pyramid. And Boris just had to give his land for building it and put in 40 000 dollars. What kind of charity? If you had 960 000 - why didn't you buy your own land? In general, Valery forgot that he came to Boris at the first meeting (at the beginning of 2000) with holey pants through which his home keys were falling down. And then Kiselev gave him the car, the money for an apartment, the money for wands production and for the first edition of "The pyramids" book. Well, all this bullshit is Valery's standard gratitude to his former friends and colleagues.

On the audio file below you can hear all the truth well. Valery does not deny all these facts.

This was the last conversation between two partners (Kiselev and Uvarov) in 2009, after which they never met.


The truth about Saint-Petersburg pyramid: the last conversation between Boris Kiselev and Valery Uvarov (audio file)

Next, we offer you to compare the words he says to his partners with his courage in telling lie to other people.

As you can hear, Valery Uvarov is able to spread slander only behind the others back and abroad.

Do you think that a healthy person a real scientist will scream about how he is known in the world meanwhile showering his former friends and colleagues with mud in such a frantic tone? It is worth drawing conclusions. This should be attended by psychiatrists too in some way.

Anyway having expounded the fresh-invented lie and scared to death this unhappy girl which was interested in the pyramid sessions Uvarov ceased to control himself and made a serious mistake: saying that the patent for the pyramid belongs to him he brought us to another ex-partner namely - Andrey Korman whom he deceived apparently during the construction of the Tomsk pyramid in 2011.

Anthology of plagiarism. Part II

Fraud with the pyramid patent

Forgery of documents

Paying attention to the patents placed by Valery Uvarov on his websites
you can detect another deception

Let's give a look at the patents Valery Uvarov puts on his websites. Usually, no one focus on these details. But a liar always makes a bet on the tricks that no one checks.

pyramids by valery uvarov
The patent № 2219973 - "Wands of Horus". The record in the patent base - source link
The patent № 2175254 - old model (foto) of the home pyramid - source link
The patent № 38288 - utility model patent issued by Ukraine (!) on the Pyramid. The record in the patent base - source link


1. That patent was issued on December 25, 2008, on the name of Uvarov Valery Michaelovich and Korman Andrey Antonovich in Ukraine. Thus the patent was given by another country when the Saint-Petersburg pyramid was already constructed (in 2007). And also there is a second co-author listed in the applicants besides Valery Uvarov.

2. By scrolling to the bottom of the patent file you will find that the drawings of the pyramid described in the document have nothing in common with the pyramid model of Saint-Petersburg pyramid!

3. There are no other patents on the pyramids topic registered at the name of Valery Uvarov. Thus posing as the author of the St. Petersburg pyramid he is lying again.

pyramid by valery uvarov

Once again Valery Michaelovich showed that one can keep everyone for idiots because nobody wants to check facts. You just have to beLIEve his "authoritative" opinion, because he "publishes books and takes part in conferences, representing Russia" (as he says). We must add, dear friends, that in Russia such conferences are not simply being organized, because the following events could have ended for speakers-fraudsters in the hospital bed.

But who is Mr.Korman specified as the co-author
of that "unknown" (at first glance) patent?

The stolen "Project 12"

Here we just quote from the investigation of the journalist of "Business Petersburg" newspaper (source link):

"The layout of the Tomsk pyramids is exactly the same as the well-known project of Valery Uvarov "New Atlantis and Project-12". And this layout, in turn, is very similar to the project "Project 12" of Crimean specialists Andrew, Ilya and Natalia Korman.

This is the website of Andrey Korman, created in 2007 -

Compare it with the project of Valery Uvarov and try to find at least one difference...

Do you have any questions about the authorship of Valery Uvarov more? This man did not invent anything himself!

project 12 by valery uvarov
Picture from Korman website. All right reserved by Andrei A. Korman & Illya A. Korman

We managed to contact Andrey Korman and ask him the following questions:

Journalist: Hello! We have found on your site information about "Project 12". Tell me, please, does this have anything to do with the New Atlantis project by Valery Uvarov?

Andrey Korman: Hello! First, we described the "12" project, where we invited Uvarov as a co-author, then Valery decided to follow the Chinese path. This is what happens when you don't have your own ideas!

Journalist: Clear. In general, can you give any recommendation about him as a partner?

Andrey Korman: He is my godfather! I can only say good things! Draw conclusions without emotions!

project-12 by Valery Uvarov
Korman's answers to journalist's questions

The essence and final exposure

Part 1. Valery Uvarov and "Tales from the Crypt"
valery uvarov
The most extraordinary in the whole history of Uvarov's lies about the St. Petersburg pyramid (which appeared only 10 years after its construction) is a story with "moron children". Traditional unfair competition methods + his sick mind led to the invention of a heart-rending story. He knows very well that children affect the heart of every person, but this did not stop his defective soul. On the contrary - this "tale from the Crypt" is the last thing he decided to use blackening his former colleagues.

That's what he says and writes on his websites:"The especially dangerous factor especially dangerous for those who are preparing to become parents: With a very high probability, after visiting the pyramid which is now commanded by Novikov and Kiselev, a child with serious deviations in the genetics of its mental structures can be born. In simpler terms, with serious disabilities in its mental development. Several years ago, a man and his wife came to this pyramid a few times, planning to prepare for the conception of a child. When the child was born, it turned out that to an absolutely healthy couple with four normal healthy children, a child was born with serious genetic disorders related to its brain structure."

First of all, Valery Uvarov never told the names of this "unfortunate" people and these nonexistent persons never spoke about their "bad experience". Secondary, Valery hid the fact that his pregnant wife spent a lot of time in the pyramid near Priozersk together with her first young children in 2009 (when the partnership was still going on). And her placenta lay in the pyramid for another six months after the birth of the third child. Thus, Valery Uvarov signed that all his children "grew up with serious genetic disorders related to their brain structure. In simpler terms, with serious disabilities in its mental development". (according to his own words).

Of course, before the publication of such a terrible lie the deceiver tried to cover tracks and urgently removed photos of his pregnant wife and children from his old website. But Google remembers everything! Here is the link with the photos and article, dated 14 February 2009. On the photos you will see the wife of Valery Uvarov, and his children inside the pyramid -

Part 2. Dr.Goebbels propaganda
As was mentioned above, a fresh tale by Valery Uvarov frightening people for blackening his competitors sounds like "the deviation of symmetry at the base of the Novikov-Kiselev pyramid of 4 cm". As always the liar does not give any evidence except for the pictures he created with the help of the photoshop. Is it possible to believe him in words taking into account all the above spoken by many different people? Anyway, we will give you a simple example of his beloved technology.


the pyramids by valery uvarov
Valery Uvarov constantly invents facts that are most difficult to verify — placing them in his theories and in denigrating his competitors and former partners.

As he distorted the photograph of Saint-Petersburg pyramid (furthermore - taken at an angle) any other can distort the image of the Tomsk pyramid (for example) and say that the shown building is "not symmetric". And after that, it will be enough to repeat this statement wherever is possible because the "lies repeated a thousand times becomes true". (Dr. Joseph Goebbels).

Uvarov does all this mess because the Tomsk pyramid (projected by him in 2010) is closed for people in contrast to construction near Saint-Petersburg. And you can even take laser equipment or a ruler if you wish and check it yourself! This is what he fears the most. And especially this opportunity for you he is trying to defame and erase...

In the end, after all the tricks of Uvarov, we realized that he just went mad...

Because such structures as pyramids reinforce absolutely all the qualities inherent in a person

- regardless of their positive or negative nature. In short, if you are a stinker, then you will become stinker on a tenfold scale.

And we are very sorry for him...


All three lawsuits filed by Valery Uvarov against this website’s owner, Google and Yandex corporations (Russian search engine) for the protection of "honor, dignity and business reputation" are rejected. Even the Russian court of justice did not believe that Uvarov has the honor, dignity and business reputation...

Thus, all the information contained here is recognized as indisputable.

Screenshots and a link from the website of the court are attached. Court site link

Therefore now, apart from delusional articles with the fairy tales about "agents of negative energies," the liar cannot bring any other arguments.


Wands research — STOLEN!

"Wands of Horus" book 2004 — STOLEN!

Wands of Horus logotype — STOLEN!

"Pyramids" book — STOLEN!

Saint-Petersburg pyramid authorship — STOLEN!

The "Complex 12" pyramids idea and patent — STOLEN!

Сourt proceedings — LOST!


What copyrights is this person talking about?

Copyrights on compilation, plagiarism and lies about other researchers?

News block
Arguing about the moral aspect of using ancient technologies and priestly wisdom in preventing negative energies from reaching the source of Knowledge, Valery Uvarov works as a servant for criminals who are internationally wanted
Valery Uvarov is closely associated with people suspected of international crimes signed on sanctions lists!
Russian scientists whose research V.Uvarov
leads at international conferences do not know his name and never interacted with him!