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All the truth about Valery "Dr. Fake" Uvarov
Attention of the conference organizers!
Valery Uvarov is closely associated with people suspected of international crimes signed on sanctions lists!
According to the newspaper "Business Petersburg" (source link) one of Valery Uvarov’s clients in St. Petersburg is the wife of the famous businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin – Lyubov Prigozhina. Her Spa "Crystal-SPA & Lounge" is built according to the project of Valery Uvarov. This information is written on the Uvarov’s website and easy to find on the organization’s site too.


A businessman who is on the US sanctions list for intervening in elections. According to Russian and foreign media, he is the organizer of the Internet "Troll Factory" and the private military company "Wagner", which is fighting in Syria on the side of the dictator Bashar Assad and is suspected of killing Russian journalists in the Central African Republic. A criminal – in 1981 he was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment under articles of robbery, fraud, and involving teenagers in prostitution. Along with his family have been sanctioned by the United States due to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Source – Wikipedia.

Thus calling Valery Uvarov as a speaker at conferences, you may be subject to measures by your governments. From our part, we will take all measures to prevent your governments from trying to dishonor Russian people and researchers by his presence at your events.


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Attention of researchers and scientists !
Russian scientists whose research V.Uvarov leads at international conferences
do not know his name and never interacted with him!
Valery Uvarov on conference

Valery Uvarov on conference

Talking beautifully at conferences about his "research", Valery Uvarov takes advantage of the fact that no one checks his work. Studies of the pyramids, which he leads:

  • Perm State Medical Academy
  • The Menchikov Vaccine Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Ivanovsky Virological Research Institute
  • Haematological Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Neo-Natal Intensive Care Department, Russian Research Center of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • The Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics
  • The All-Russian (Lenin) Electro-Technical Institute
  • Research laboratory «Radiant»
  • «Graphite» scientific research institute
But try as journalists to call these organizations - a person like Valery Uvarov is not known there... FRAUD AGAIN!

Uvarov is a cheater who builds his name on all possible facts having just three courses of University. He seems to be a millionaire taking guests in spa salon owned by his customer, but in reality, he is a crook and all people in Russia know about this. All research he presents is stolen by him from other scientist groups.

Thus, he puts, for example, a real Doctor Sam Osmanagich who does not know about the reputation of Valery Uvarov in Russia in an indecent position. Apparently, if Osmangagich does not respond to these facts, then it is possible that such persons are convenient or advantageous for him? It is obvious that Uvarov is a thief, not once caught in a lie (this is proven by the court), and as it turns out even connected with crime. Worth asking the government of Bosnia - why its representatives are dealing with a fraudster?
Valery Uvarov

How Valery Uvarov is trying to hide the truth about his reputation

When this page appeared on the web "Dr. Fake" Uvarov began to write letters imploring to CLOSE THIS WEBSITE. It seems the communication with corrupt Russian groups does not pass in vain for him. "Do not let go! Close this website!" - can you imagine such things somewhere in your country? Well, here are the screenshots of this letter and now we will examine in detail its translation.
Click for zoom.
#1 LIE for web hosting
"On the website posted defamatory material about the author and researcher Valery Uvarov. In accordance with Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code on defamation in the media, I ask you to close this website ...most importantly, because of its incompetence, the possibility of harm to people." Valery Uvarov


1. Сonsidering the number of the witnesses ready to confirm their statements in the court, the disproof of our statements can be possible just somewhere in the People's Assembly of Papua New Guinea, with their vision of the letter of law (which unites them with "Dr." Uvarov). It raises a big smile the deep knowledge of Valery Uvarov in the field of legislation. Because for complying with the law of the media, at first, one has to be the media! However, what to expect from a man with three technical institute courses?
2. About the legend of "harming people," you can read whole the Homepage of our site. Its standard Uvarov's "step" against all his competitors since 1999. The comment of Svetlana Gorbunova, ex-partner (the company director): "Actually he believes in his own authority too much and consider possible making a diagnosis - "helpful" or "harmful" - by himself without any proof. This way the person really spreading slander is him."

#2 LIE for subscribers in FACEBOOK

Interesting things happen... 18 FEB 2015 "Dr." Uvarov was saying that his website was hacked! And in the letter for web hosters he told that he knows who is the author of this website... How is it?
It follows from the letter in the screenshot: Valery Uvarov already applied to hosting back in 2014. Posted on Facebook in 2015. In both cases, the author is lying to readers.

The bottom line is that he does not remember anymore to whom and when he is lying.

The close circle of friends knows well that "Dr. Fake" Uvarov calls Americans and Europeans exclusively cattle and idiots, meanwhile selling them the wands for dollars and euros. Therefore, all his lies are mostly addressed to the western audience, which he considers fools. While in Russia ordinary people have long understood with whom they deal...

Main investigation

Arguing about the moral aspect of using ancient technologies and priestly wisdom in preventing negative energies from reaching the source of Knowledge, Valery Uvarov works as a servant for criminals who are internationally wanted
How it all began with "Wands of Horus" trademark and how other scientists' research was stolen by Valery Uvarov?
Michael Eliseev (the "Wands of Ra") interview
Ex-partner in "Wands of Horus" project about cooperation with Valery Uvarov.
How the prices for "Wands of Horus" are inflated several times?
Regular panic attacks of greed led to the phenomenon when Valery Uvarov's bar has fallen below the methods of unfair competition to the level of deceiving customers in his personal online store.
Valery Uvarov orders the murder of his ex-wife
The ex-wife of Valery Uvarov (2011-2019), Rada Evgenievna Uvarova, contacted the editors of the site and provided an audio recording of the conversation where Uvarov orders her elimination.
From whom the Pyramids book was copied?
The most impressive volume of the text was rewritten from the book by Svetlana Pavlova (born in 1938), an associate professor at the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute.
From whom the Wands of Horus book was copied?
An enormous part of Valery Uvarov's book "The Wands of Horus" was copied from the writings of architect Igor Shmelev (born in 1934).
Boris Shurinov investigation
President of the Russian Ufological Community about education, fake public and state status of Valery Uvarov.
The trademark "Wands of Horus" ceased to belong to Valery Uvarov
How Uvarov lost his trademarks on the "Wands of Horus" and even on his own name
The pride of the fake architect CrystalSpa & Lounge has closed
The owners who paid money to Valery Uvarov hastily sold the business. Result is zero.
The stolen Project-12
From whom the Project 12 was stolen by Valery Uvarov? Compare and try to find difference.